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Up Close concertfilm | On Demand 48h


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  • Rent 48 hour streaming period

  • Recording of the Up Close stream show 2021 in De Vereeniging Nijmegen, NL

  • Re-imagined favorites and a lot of new songs

  • With a 9-piece string ensemble and G-Roots Gospel choir

  • HD 6,3 gb - MP4


1.  The Sea 9.  Throw me a Line
2.  Trade it for the Night 10. Sinner Love
3.  Where the Heart is 11. Love is a Game
4.  Where did You Go 12. Bright Light
5.  We Are 13. Kite in a Hurricane
6.  Fortitude 14. Finding Out More
7.  City Lights 15. Back in the Water
8.  Holy Ground